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Otakare Fujokano Chapter 4 [Tank]

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The lack of Abbott and Costello out there hurts me a little.

Otakare Fujokano Chapter 4 [Tank]

MediaFire | MangaDex

You’ve probably noticed the chapter order on MangaDex is messed up. The current chapters with Volume Numbers correspond to their new Tank chapter number. They’re all the exact same chapters still. The only change in the tank is the updated chapter number to reflect it – we might go and upload v2s with just THAT page updated. We’ll have to see if it hurts enough people for us to bother, though. Here’s a handy dandy chart.

Next up, more Jahy-sama.

Otakare Fujokano Chapter 10 (Gangan)

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Oh man, we’re gonna have to start putting the goddamn parentheses again.

If it’s not playing in your head, you’re too young for this.

Otakare Fujokano Chapter 10 (Gangan)

MediaFire | MangaDex

True Chapter 3 is up next.

The rest of the chapters we’re gonna somehow squeeze into the releases… Dunno how we’ll actually fit them into the order yet. They’re all largely standalone, so in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter, but man. Fucking Shinobi.

Otakare Fujokano Chapter 9

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Valentine’s shenanigans a month late. Classic maneuver.

Also, hopefully you say the title out loud as “The War of Two Point One Four,” because then it rhymes. I’m so clever. Bleh.

Otakare Fujokano Chapter 9

Mediafire | Mega | MangaDex

We’re all caught up now. I’m amazed we even finished this much in so little time – thanks to everyone that’s given a hand so far. All the love of Shinobi’s work.

Next release wiull be on Gangan Pixiv… whenever. Looks bimonthly, from the streak it’s going at. Whether we TL as half chapters or not is still up in the air. Dang, I’m no mind reader.

We’ll be turning our efforts towards the illustrious Jahy-sama this week and onward. Stay tuned.


Otakare Fujokano Chapter 8 + New Project – Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai!

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Enter Sakaki-kun and his popular aura. Yandere Kanojo fans can definitely start drawing the parallels here.

Otakare Fujokano Chapter 8

MediaFire | Mega | MangaDex

Also, in other news – We’ve picked up Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai! from ScarlettScans. We’ll pick up from where they left off [Chapter 8], but expect us to take a bit more time with this one since there’s a bit more of work to do with this series. Nothing like some cute demon lolis to kindle the soul, or something.

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