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Otakare Fujokano Chapter 12 (Tank)

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Out of the “interim” woods, finally a chapter number that… vaguely makes more sense. Sakaki-kun’s shenanigans escalate.


Otakare Fujokano Chapter 12 (Tank)

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That pretty much does it for the “new” material in Otakare until the next monthly release. Vol 1 Extras and potentially v2s of the already TL’d chapters is pretty possible, but not super high on the priority list. [Redoing Chapter 1 in Photoshop might be a breeze of fresh air, though.]

More stuff coming!

Jahy-sama Chapter 11 and Otakare Fujokano Chapter 7 (Tank)

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Releases #2 AND 3 for this weekend? What a madhouse.

Continuing these small showstring chapters in the Otakare Tank, Yamato takes a jab at Koufuku Graffiti.

Personally, I didn’t think the chapters would be this small. Dammit Shinobi, should’ve just put them as .5s or something. But a small chapter is better than nothin’ at all.

Rare footage of Yamato’s audition for Koufuku Graffiti.


Otakare Fujokano Chapter 7 (Tank)

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And then – in Jahy-sama, Salwa decides to counterattack using her CLASSIC COMPLETELY ORIGINAL DO NOT STEAL C̶L̶O̶N̶E̶ ̶F̶R̶U̶I̶T̶  K̶H̶N̶U̶M̶  A̶R̶T̶I̶F̶A̶C̶T Poorly Named Human Shape Shifter Pill. Naturally, it goes about as well as you’d expect.

Landlord Fancyson?!


Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai! Chapter 11

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We’re pretty close to rounding out the Otakare Tank. Extras will be shoved into its own collection. And uh, we’re looking at the first Jahy Tank to see if there’s any extras in there as well. Oh extras! Stay tuned.

Otakare Fujokano Chapter 4 [Tank]

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The lack of Abbott and Costello out there hurts me a little.

Otakare Fujokano Chapter 4 [Tank]

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You’ve probably noticed the chapter order on MangaDex is messed up. The current chapters with Volume Numbers correspond to their new Tank chapter number. They’re all the exact same chapters still. The only change in the tank is the updated chapter number to reflect it – we might go and upload v2s with just THAT page updated. We’ll have to see if it hurts enough people for us to bother, though. Here’s a handy dandy chart.

Next up, more Jahy-sama.

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