ReleasesNEW – Shimeji Simulation Chapter 1

NEW – Shimeji Simulation Chapter 1

Tsukumizu [of Shoujo Shuumatsu/Girls’ Last Tour] has been teasing this for a while on her Twitter. It’s just as atmospheric and weird as her other works. Naturally, we’re huge fans of her, so we couldn’t pass this opportunity up. A few kind anons on /a/ brought up the raws and TLs so we gotta thank them for this head start. Yes, it’s just yuri. Yes, it’s got subtle and not-so-subtle signs of despair. And yes, it’s just pangs of hope. Whether it’s directly related to the author’s previous work is… speculated, but yet to be seen. Time for more comfy despair.

Egghead in vogue.

Shimeji Simulation Chapter 1 (MF | MD)

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  1. anon

    2019-02-04 12:03 AM

  2. anon#2

    2019-02-15 4:26 PM

    1. Thank you 2. Is it Simulator or Simulation?
  3. anon

    2019-02-16 2:14 PM

    It's Simulation.

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